Is Amsterdam Romantic? Here’s our top 10 things to do in Amsterdam for a romantic weekend!

Whether you’re on honey moon or just treating yourselves to some quality time together, Amsterdam is a great place for a romantic getaway. Amsterdam is a stunningly beautiful city and what could be more romantic than a stroll along the picturesque canals? Well here are a few ideas of things to do in Amsterdam with your loved one… 

1) Hire a tandem bike 

Jumping on a tandem bike with your loved one and heading out to explore the Venice of the North is the perfect way to spend a few hours for couples looking to get take things up a gear and get active in Amsterdam. Whether you’re exploring the city’s narrow streets or getting out and about and exploring beautiful parks, this is a great way to enjoy some fresh air together. 

2) Enjoy a meal at one of the city’s most romantic restaurants

Amsterdam has some of the world’s finest restaurants. From cosy local joints serving delicious hearty food (perfect for a winter break!) all the way up to world-class Michelin starred restaurants, Amsterdam has it all and nothing will top off the perfect day in the city better than a delicious romantic meal for two in beautiful surroundings. 

3) Enjoy a romantic candlelight boat cruise

If you really want to enjoy a unique Amsterdam experience, a candlelight cruise is a great idea. Sitting with your partner and enjoying a range of fine wines and local charcuterie over candle light is the perfect way to see some of the city’s most beautiful sights in style and luxury. Alternatively, for more hands-on people, packing a delicious picnic and sailing your own boat is a great way to enjoy some time on the water together and allows you to explore the city at your own pace!

4) Enjoy Cocktails with a view!

Amsterdam has some fantastic cocktail bars, serving up ingenious cutting-edge creations as well as perfectly made classics in a whole range of surroundings to suit every taste. From speakeasy-style bars like Door 74, to rooftop bars where you can watch the sun set over the cityscape with a delicious cocktail in hand (the W Hotel’s bar is well worth checking out!), Amsterdam has some perfect places to grab a nightcap.

רייקסמוזיאום אמסטרדם Rijksmuseum

5) See the city’s cultural side at a museum, gallery or arts event!

Amsterdam is a true cultural capital with more museums per square kilometre than any other city on earth! Whether you’re admiring the masterpieces of the Dutch romantic painters in the Rijksmuseum or taking a romantic boat cruise to see the exhibitions of the Amsterdam Light Festival, enjoying some of the city’s culture is a must on a romantic getaway to the city. After all, the country’s most famous painter, Van Gogh once chopped his ear off in an act of unrequited love and, although hopefully this won’t give your husband or boyfriend any ideas, it might spur them on to buy the occasional bunch of flowers! 

6) Enjoy a Music Concert 

For those who enjoy music, Amsterdam has a great selection of live music venues, showcasing a huge variety of performances of all genres by world-class musicians. From Jazz at Bimhuis, to Opera at the Nationale Opera & Ballet and even the lunchtime concerts at the Concertgebouw (which are free!), Amsterdam is the perfect place to enjoy some world-class music. 

7) Get high at the ADAM Tower 

Getting high with your partner is always a good way to spend some time in Amsterdam – we’re not talking about coffee shops here, but the ADAM tower – an impressive, 22-floor building where you can watch the sun set over the capital! For couples seeking a thrill in the city, there is even Europe’s highest swing on top of the tower! 

8) See a movie in style at the Pathe Tuchinski Theater

Want to recreate that first date feeling? There’s only one place for it – the Pathe Tuschinski Theater cinema, a cinema truly unlike any other. The unique building was built in 1921, in a beautiful art deco style and is designed specially to give visitors the feeling of stepping into an illusion. One of the most luxurious cinemas in the world, this building with its old-world charm and luxurious opulence is the perfect place for a special date night. Most films are shown in English (with Dutch subtitles) so you don’t need to worry about not understanding a word of the film you’ve been looking forward to seeing! 

9) Get out and see the beautifully romantic Dutch countryside 

גני קוקנהוף – הסעה ישירה וכרטיסים רשמיים

If you’ve enjoyed the paintings of Van Gogh, why not step into one? A bunch of tulips isn’t bad, but a whole tulip-filled landscape is much more impressive. The Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens and is a stunningly beautiful and romantic sight. Even when the flowers aren’t in bloom, rural Holland is well worth visiting and our Dutch Countryside and Windmill tour, provides a perfect way to see more of the country. 

10) Rent a Scooter and explore!

Renting a scooter is a great way for couples to get around. Just jump aboard one of our cosy two-seater scooters and hit the open road! Whether you’re exploring the city, or heading off to the beach, a scooter is the perfect means of transport for two! What could be more romantic than being whisked off somewhere beautiful on the back of a stylish scooter!?

For more ideas, check out ‘We Are a Romantic Couple’ for a range of options. If you need a package tailored to make your romantic weekend in Amsterdam that bit more special, don’t hesitate to contact us – everything is possible!