Why a weekend in Amsterdam should be your first post-COVID trip.

With the end in sight and vaccines being rolled out across the world, many of us are looking forward to taking a well-earned trip. Here, we tell you why you’re a weekend in Amsterdam should be your first trip when Amsterdam travel restrictions are lifted (hopefully this summer!).

1) Great Value

Although, as a result of the financial implications of the worldwide pandemic, many of people will be a bit short on cash this year, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a weekend in Amsterdam without breaking the bank. With many airlines set to offer much cheaper flights and much of the world still cut off from Europe, Amsterdam should be cheaper than usual to travel to for those within the EU. Hotels are also likelier to have much greater availability than in previous years and, with governments keen to stimulate the economy with a much-needed injection of cash, Amsterdam could well be the bargain break that you were hoping for!

2) Let your hair down and enjoy a well-deserved celebration in one of Europe’s nightlife capitals

After over a year of clubs and bars being largely (or at least partially) closed across the world, many of us will be ready for an overdue drink and a dance. And as a capital of European club life, Amsterdam is the perfect place to do just that. For more tips on Amsterdam’s party scene, take a look at our nightlife guide.

3) Combine a city break in Amsterdam with a day on the beach or in the countryside.

If you’re hoping for a couple of days at the beach this year but are unable to jet off to the Caribbean, not all is lost. A short journey from Amsterdam are the beaches of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee. Here, you can enjoy a swim, relax on the sandy beach or hit up one of the many wonderful beach cafes and bars. There’s nothing quite like watching the sun set with a cocktail in your hand and, although the Netherlands may be far from the first destination to pop into your head when you think of a beach holiday, it’s a great compromise for those who want to combine a city break with a day of rest and relaxation!

For those who wish to get a bit of fresh air and explore some of the Dutch countryside that has inspired artists and poets for centuries, consider joining a countryside tour. The capital can be a bit hectic at times, so sometimes it’s nice to head out of the city into a land of windmills, tulips and picturesque villages.

4) Enjoy your new found freedom in luxury on a boat cruise

Just imagine it – boarding a beautiful state-of-the-art boat, cruising the stunning canals of Amsterdam with a glass of bubbly in hand and feeling the wind in your hair! What better way to celebrate the end of the pandemic? As you explore the famous canals of Amsterdam’s historic centre, with an attentive local host on hand to ensure that your questions are answered and your glass is kept topped up, an Amsterdam boat cruise must be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon imaginable on your Amsterdam weekend.

5) A city with something for everyone – Amsterdam’s almost universal appeal!

After a long time of having been unable to spend quality time with friends and family, many people will be looking forward to enjoying a group holiday. Compromising anything may come as a bit of a shock after so long with our own company, so it’s important to pick a destination with universal appeal and something for everyone. Whether you’re night owls, culture vultures or just desperate for a change of scenery, Amsterdam has something to offer everyone and anyone and it’s perfectly easy for those of all generations and persuasions to have a great time in the Dutch capital.

When can you travel to Amsterdam?

Although this is very much dependant on developments within the Netherlands and wider EU, it is expected that by summer travel within Schengen will be permitted. Check cancellation policies with your travel insurer and any tour providers but there are some fantastic deals about for those who wish to book early. For any advice regarding current restrictions, check on the Dutch government website or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help!

Looking for another post-covid destination?

Of course there are many other cities to travel to after Covid. If you plan a trip to London or Barcelona we advise you to check out our partners of We Are Barcelona the best pub crawl Barcelona has to offer, go on a Barcelona tour. Whatever your choice will be, we are sure you will enjoy it to the max!