Amsterdam Dance Event – the world’s largest electronic music festival!

Amsterdam Dance Event is the world’s largest electronic music festival and conference and is a highlight in the Amsterdam Nightlife and music calendar. With thousands of DJs and performers playing at all the city’s best clubs and venues over several days, ADE sees huge numbers of music-lovers coming from all across the world. Over 400,000 people from more than 100 different countries attended ADE in 2018! 

Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 Dates

Amsterdam Dance Event

This year’s ADE will be taking place between the 16th and 20th November. With more than 1000 events across 250 venues, there will definitely be something for everyone and ADE is the perfect time to see the world’s best DJs performing in some of Europe’s finest dance music venues, right here in the Dutch capital.

Amsterdam has long been known as a capital of electronic dance music and the city (in addition to the wider Netherlands) has produced a huge number of world-class DJs. ADE is an event where these DJs (many of whom hold residencies in the world’s most famous clubs) play on home turf and the atmosphere across the 5 days is incredible.

If you’re coming to Amsterdam for ADE, you can see the festival’s agenda on their official website here.

One of the best aspects of ADE is the return of all the year’s best festivals who come and open up mini-festivals across the city. These take place in all sorts of locations, including park festival stages, old industrial spaces and warehouses and large clubs (particularly in the north of the city), and offer a chance to get your festival fix when the summer is long gone! If you missed any of the main Dutch festivals this year, ADE offers the opportunity to get a taste of what you missed!

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Party Boat Amsterdam

If you’re making the most of ADE’s notoriously wild parties, you may be feeling a little rough in the morning… and that’s where the Amsterdam Hangover Cruise comes in! Get some fresh air and enjoy a few hair-of-the-dogs and you’ll feel as good as new – and be more than ready to get back to partying hard at the world’s largest EDM festival! You can find out more on here!

Enjoy the craziest nights out in Amsterdam imaginable during ADE 2019!

Whichever of the thousand parties you choose to attend, we hope you have the best possible time at ADE! We’ll hope to see you there!