Everything you need to know about your Amsterdam Stag Do

Amsterdam is, without a doubt, the true king of Stag Party destinations. It’s difficult to think of anywhere better to spend your last nights of freedom and the Dutch capital has a well-deserved reputation as a top destination for debauchery. So, grab the lads and get ready for a stag that you’ll remember for life – well, at least some of it…

Things to do in Amsterdam – Stag weekend

There are tons of great things to do in Amsterdam on a stag weekend but booking them can be a hassle. So, sit back with an ice-cold beer and put your stag do in our hands – we’ll handle the boring stuff and put together one hell of a plan. Just think of us as the best man’s best man!

Want to check out the city’s best bars and clubs? We’ve got you sorted. Our nightlife experts know Amsterdam’s best drinking holes like the back of their hands and can put together a night like no other. From a down and dirty booze-fuelled pub crawl to an evening of classy cocktails with a view on our rooftop bar tour and just about anything in between, anything is possible on a night out with We Are Amsterdam. We know all the best bars in Amsterdam for stag dos and love nothing more than showing you and your mates the absolute best that this city’s incredible nightlife has to offer.

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Stag Do Ideas Amsterdam

Everyone wants their stag to be completely unforgettable but it can be easy to fall into the usual tourist traps and stag do clichés on your trip to Amsterdam. However, Amsterdam has plenty of great activities and there really is something for everyone. For football fans, a visit to the Ajax stadium is difficult to beat whilst groups who want to get active may prefer an activity such as Zorb football, car smash or renting a beer bike! Paintball is always popular for groups who want to burn off a bit of steam and there is a first-class paintball venue a stone’s throw out of the city. It’s a great idea to book an activity that reflects the stag’s favourite hobbies and pastimes but with a fun Amsterdam twist – for the golfer, for example, a round of glow in the dark crazy golf is a great option! No Amsterdam stag do is complete without a couple of fun activities and if these can be arranged to reflect the main man’s hobbies and interests then it gives the occasion a much more personal twist than just doing the usual mix of drinking and debauchery (but don’t worry – there’s sure to be more than enough of that as well)!

amsterdam stag do limousine
Amsterdam hummer limousine

Stag Do Amsterdam – Where to stay

Amsterdam’s not a huge city and, pretty much wherever you stay, you’ll always be within 30 minutes of the centre by public transport. There is a vast array of options for Amsterdam stag do accommodation, from budget-friendly hostels to luxury hotels.

However, for stag parties who want to be close to the action, staying in the centre of the city is certainly the best option. The hotels and hostels in the city centre are also more tailored towards the needs of these often-livelier groups and offer more suitable accommodation than, for example, hotels that cater to business guests or families.

Budget-friendly accommodation such as the Hans Brinker Hostel or St Christopher’s offer great happy hour deals at their bars and are the perfect location for a boozy stag. You can roll out of bed and have an ice-cold beer in your hand within minutes – perfect for those needing a hair of the dog after a heavy night on the town.

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Getting to your Amsterdam stag do and how to get around the city

Getting to Amsterdam couldn’t be simpler. The city is home to a large international airport (just a short journey from the centre (Amsterdam Schiphol is one of Europe’s major transport hubs), in addition to a railway station with connections to all the other major capitals in the region.

With the launch of the new Eurostar route last year, Amsterdam can even be reached in comfort and speed with direct connections to London, Paris and Brussels. Amsterdam is also within easy reach for guests arriving from Germany with an array of flights, coaches and trains heading into Europe’s very own city of sin.

Once in the Dutch capital itself, transport does not become any more difficult. With buses, trams, metros and taxis running near constantly, it’s impossible for even the drunkest stag to find himself stuck without a way to get back to HQ!

If you really want to travel in style, however, and really want to treat yourself (why not, you don’t get to enjoy an Amsterdam stag party that often!), why not consider booking a luxury limo to transport you around the place? With a glass of bubbly in hand, your favourite tunes blaring and the city streets whizzing past the windows you’ll feel like stag do royalty!

Amsterdam beer boat
The Amsterdam beer boat

Put together the best stag do in Amsterdam stag history!

If you want to make your weekend in Amsterdam as unforgettable and wild as possible, we’re waiting… We’ll fill the days with crazy activities, the nights with crazy nightlife, keep your bellies full of delicious food (and drink!), and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. With We Are Amsterdam, you can always count on us to organise the best weekend possible – from our professional party-goer hosts to our support teams, we know Amsterdam better than anyone else and know exactly what it takes to make your weekend in the city an incredible experience that you’ll remember (most of) forever.

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