Amsterdam’s Top 5 Hangover Cures

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s nightlife capitals and, with Heineken flowing freely across the city, and some of the world’s finest bars and clubs, if you’re doing Amsterdam properly, a hangover is the unfortunate but inevitable consequence. Luckily, the city is well prepared for the morning after the night before. Whether you’ve been on a Pub Crawl, been spoilt with VIP service at some of the city’s best clubs, or enjoyed some local beers at one of Amsterdam’s famous brown cafes, the next morning you’re going to need our help. Here are our top 5 Amsterdam hangover cures, guaranteed to help shift that nightmare hangover leaving you ready to make the most of everything Amsterdam has to offer! 

1) Pancakes 

The Dutch are the masters of pancakes (pannenkoeken) – bigger and thinner than their American cousins (we’re talking about the pancakes, we promise…) but not as thin as a crepe, this tasty treat can be stuffed full of a range of fillings – bacon, apples, cheese, or raisins are traditional, in addition to the absolutely delicious appelstroop (Dutch apple butter). You can’t go wrong with a plate of pannenkoeken and a cup or two of coffee to get that hangover on its way. 

2) Lie back in a hammock with a hair of the dog 

Roest is the perfect place to kick back in a hammock with a hair of the dog and start the recovery process in style. Lying in a hammock or reclining on one of the bar’s super comfy chesterfield sofas with the sea breeze coming gently off the River Ij. Other Ij-side bars such as Hannekes Boom are equally hangover-proof and well worth checking out.

3) Jump on a bike and get some wind in your hair 

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 Assuming you’re not still drunk, jumping on a bike and getting a bit of exercise and some fresh air is a great way to shift the hangover without missing out on sightseeing – after all, lying in bed won’t make you feel any better and you’ll waste valuable time in one of the world’s most beautiful cities! Take a leisurely cycle through the city’s parks, and stop off for a coffee or an ice cream along the way! Perfect!

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4) Swim it off 

A slightly more extreme cure for a hangover is a nice cold swim – sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Amsterdam has some great places to take a dip – the manmade beach at Sloterplas is probably the most convenient and has an adjacent bar where a restorative beer can be enjoyed afterwards. 

5) Booze Cruise 

If you fancy some time on the water rather than in it, getting onboard a boat is a great idea. By this point your hangover should have subsided and if you’re ready to go all over again, it’s difficult to beat a booze cruise. After a few beers with the wind in your hair, you’re sure to feel a lot better and back in the mood to party hard. Check out our Amsterdam Booze Cruise page here or take a look at our partner Starboard Boats’ website for more Amsterdam Boat Rental options.