A complete guide to the Amsterdam Light Festival 2022-2023

Amsterdam Light Festival 2022 2023

The eleventh edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is fast approaching, and we almost can’t wait! This edition of the Light festival will explore the extraordinary nature of light under the theme Imagine Beyond. The theme will focus on how the mysterious nature of intangible light can be the source of intensity of the imagination, hope, and miracles. The festival will run from December 1, 2022, to January 22, 2022 and there are a few ways you can enjoy this popular winter event. Sounds cool right? Well, read on to find out more.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2022 2023 artist impression by Studio Tour
Fireflies Studio Tour artist impression

What is Amsterdam Light Festival 2022?

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event that attracts thousands of visitors to the city. The festival features a range of light installations, from traditional lanterns to modern digital displays. Every year, you are in for a surprise. 

This year promises to be a spectacular event, with over 20 different light installations on display. With a brand-new theme, Imagine Beyond, you will be inspired to let your imagination run wild.  If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, make sure you include a visit to the Light Festival on your itinerary!

When is the Amsterdam Light Festival?

This year, the light festival will run from the 1st of December until the 22nd of January. During these winter months, you can visit the art works of light in many ways. Obviously, the best time to do so is during the evening. While we usually dislike the days getting shorter, the sooner it gets dark, the sooner you can enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival. 

The canal boats typically start their first trip from 5PM and will make their final departure at 11PM. A lot of options are available, but slots can run out quickly for popular dates. So don’t wait too long with reserving yours Amsterdam Light Festival Tickets.

What are the best ways to enjoy Amsterdam Light Festival 2022?

The artworks are all placed alongside the historical canal belt of Amsterdam. So it makes most sense to book a special Amsterdam Light Festival Boat Tour. It’s definitely something you want to have on your itinerary, but there are different ways you can enjoy this open air museum of light. Here are the best ways to enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival 2022 route. 

Amsterdam Light Festival Canal Cruise

The Amsterdam light festival canal cruise offers a comfy means of visiting the light festival. With heated and covered boats, you will keep warm during the winter days on the water. You’ll also have a professional guide who will provide commentary about the artwork, the exhibit, and the artists, allowing you to hear these details comfortably. And of course, you can get the chance to speak freely with other guests travelling along with you.

Adults and children will have to pay €26.50 and €13.25, respectively, for an Amsterdam Light Festival Boat Tour. Check the availability of the Amsterdam Light Festival Tickets for your preferred date and time.

Sail the Amsterdam Light Festival 2022 Route by yourself

Get yourself an Amsterdam light festival map and be your own captain! The adventurer who would like to wander through the canals on their own can sign up for an independent Amsterdam light festival boat tour. You get a special map with the Amsterdam Light Festival Route, including all rules and regulations. Amsterdam Light Festival tickets for sailing by yourself cost €7.50 and are good for 48 hours.

Private canal cruise

A private cruise can be a great option for a party of friends, family members, or for a business occasion. Private cruises are usually offered by canal cruise companies, alongside a number of standard and optional upgrades. You can also choose to have dinner served when requesting this option, along with several other choices.

Amsterdam Light Festival Bike Tour

The Amsterdam light festival boat tour is not the only option for learning about the art works of light. You can also embark on a one and a half hours long bike ride. Cycle past the open air light exhibition like a true Amsterdammer. The tour starts on weekdays at 5 p.m. at the A-Bike-Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 19d, Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Light Festival Walking Tour

Walking along the Amsterdam light festival route from the bridge offers another way to experience light art. You can start your journey from any point you desire and stroll along the 6.5 kilometre route. The use of an Amsterdam light festival map with a live location makes the artwork intelligible to you and your fellow group members.

The route map is on sale at the Amsterdam light festival tickets shop for €7.50 and €15.00 for a map and an audio guide.

Tips for the Amsterdam Light Festival

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of the latest edition of the festival.

  • Some boats are wheelchair accessible, but always make sure to communicate with the canal cruise company. That way, mobility assistance is always provided.
  • There are information points on the route available. 
  • Coming to Amsterdam by car? It’s best to look into parking options before you arrive to avoid high parking fees.
  • The best way to navigate the city is by bike. You can park your bike all throughout the city, but there are also safeguarded parking garages available.

Reserve your Amsterdam Light Festival boat cruise

Are you ready for the canal cruise during the Amsterdam Light Festival? This year’s festival theme is Imagine Beyond, precisely what it will encourage you to do. As you cruise past the exhibited art, your imagination will come ablaze, and you will go home with your eyes sparkling from the thrill of the experience. Reserve your tickets today and join us for a beautiful Amsterdam light festival boat cruise.

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