Amsterdam Underground- Graffiti Tour In Amsterdam

Coffeshops, the red light district, graffiti and street art- are only some of the topics our signature “underground tour” dives into. In this walking tour we will talk about everything that makes Amsterdam the thrilling city that it is. We will learn about the local Coffeshop and drug culture. We will dive into the world of prostitution and the history of the red light district. We’ll discuss the LGBTQ+ community in Amsterdam and what makes the city on of the most liberal cities in the world. Finally we will take the ferry to the Northern side of the city and explore the incredible underground culture of graffiti and street art in Amsterdam. During the tour we will experience the “real” Amsterdam! If all of that wasn’t enough- we also have a special surprise during the tour, and we finish the tour with a beer and a dutch snack in one of Amsterdam’s hippest bars.

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Experience the NDSM:

This unique must-see part of Amsterdam, located in the northern side of the city attracts young graffiti artists from all over the world. In our tour you will get to learn and experience this beautiful, over looked part of the city.

Learn The Coffeeshop Culture: 

Coffeeshops are an integral part of the city of Amsterdam. in our tour, not only will you learn how to spot if a coffeeshop is good or not, you will learn the complex reality of the coffeeshop culture and what makes it so special. we will also discuss the legality behind the it. 


User Rating 2 (1 reviews)

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