Hidden secrets in and around Amsterdam after COVID-19

COVID-19 may change the face of tourism for a long time to come. Even as restrictions get eased, you may want to think about not going to the usual tourists’ attractions in Amsterdam, and many other places, until there is a vaccine and herd immunity has been built up. Once it is safe to travel again, however, you should not delay visiting Amsterdam as there are many smaller attractions around where the crowds will be fewer, which will help lower your chances of getting the coronavirus. This is particularly true if you add Weesp, Haarlem, and Zaanse Schans to your Amsterdam itinerary. Here are some hidden gems to consider visiting when you are thinking about what to do in Amsterdam.

Take a Ride at De Hollandsche Manege

After being trapped inside for a long time, consider heading to De Hollandsche Manege as soon as the restrictions are lifted. While the outside of a horse is always good for the inside of a person, if riding is not your thing, then head upstairs in this building that was initially built in 1882 for a cold drink.

Shop at Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve

While you may still wonder about the safety of your food supply with so many food factories shut down during the pandemic, you can go to Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve to buy fresh goat cheese, goat milk, meat, and eggs straight from the farm. While you are there, you can interact with the well-maintained goats. You may even want to buy the supplies and have a picnic in the wide-open spaces at Amsterdamse Bos, where it is easy to maintain social distancing.

Our Lord at the attic

Our Lord in the Attic

If you would like to praise a higher power for bringing you and your family through the coronavirus safely, then you may want to consider visiting Our Lord in the Attic. Tucked inside a 400-year-old canal house, this clandestine church was constructed by connecting the upper stories of several homes when Catholics were not allowed to practice their faith during the 17th century. While this beautiful church may be the only church hidden inside a building in Amsterdam, other churches in the city hold amazing secrets. For example, you might want to enjoy coffee and cake at Koffieschenkerij de Oude Kerk, which is the oldest church in Amsterdam and is also a restaurant. If your reaction to your newfound freedom is to party, then you might want to head to Mamma Church, where you can dance the night away on 2,500 headstones with over 10,000 people buried underneath them.

Ready to Get Out of Town- Head to the Hidden Secrets of Weesp

If you would like to get out of Amsterdam for a while, then head to Weesp. You are likely to find fewer crowds, and there are some secret places just begging you to explore them. You may want to rent a bike and ride through the beautiful countryside or take a stroll around the lake and soak up some peace after being stuck inside with your family.  If the Museum Weesp were located closer to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, it would have tons of visitors. Still, thankfully it is not, so you may be one of the very few visitors at this museum built in the 18th century where you can see exhibits that change annually. You may also want to visit Weesper Automaten Kabinet, where you can see the pinball machines you wished you had to play on during your quarantine.

Celebrate Your Newfound Culinary Skills at Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans

If you found some new culinary skills when all the restaurants were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, a trip to the bakery at Zaanse Schans may be the perfect way to celebrate that you can once eat out again. Touring the bakery museum may make you appreciate how easy you really had it, even if it did not feel like it while you were stuck inside. You can also watch the windmills and see other amazing things at this recreated 17th-century Dutch village.

Find Your Sense of Humor Again With a Trip to Haarlem

If you find yourself still feeling depressed about the economy after stay-at-home orders are finally lifted, then plan a day trip from Amsterdam to Haarlem. Tour the Grote Kerk, where you can see the infamous Mueller organ that is covered with 25 life-size sculptures and many interesting Medieval artworks. Then, head to Teylers Museum, where you can see a fantastic collection of collectibles in this museum that is the oldest in the Netherlands.

Psychologists know that planning a vacation is a great way to boost spirits. Boost yours today while you are still quarantining by planning an Amsterdam adventure.