Environmentally-conscious travel – How far is Amsterdam from London by train?

More and more people are shunning air travel for greener alternatives – as we become more aware of the environmental impact of short-haul flights, many travelers are looking for ways to get where they need to go without massively increasing their carbon footprint.
Flights between the UK and Amsterdam have been cheap for some years now, with budget airlines providing regular services between London and other cities and Amsterdam Schipol. Whilst these flights certainly offer pretty good value, what they have in terms of potential savings, they definitely lack in environmental-friendliness and comfort. With companies like EasyJet and Ryan Air’s infamously stingy leg space, it’s always worth thinking outside the box.

How to get from London to Amsterdam by train?

For those who prefer a more comfortable trip, are more environmentally conscious or simply hate flying, there was some fantastic news last year. You can now take a non-stop train from London to Amsterdam. In addition to the environmental benefits, there are many other plusses to train travel. Travelling on the train is certainly more comfortable than flying with a budget airline and, as far as convenience is concerned, you have the major benefit of being taken from city centre to city centre (we’ve all landed in an Airport which is significantly further from the centre than we would have liked!).

How long is the train from London to Amsterdam now?

‘Great!’, I hear you say. ‘But just how long is the train from London to Amsterdam?’. Well, you might just be surprised by the answer… You can now take a direct London to Amsterdam train in less than four hours. When you consider the time that it takes to get from central London to the airport 2 hours before departure, the flight itself and then the trip from Schipol to the centre, there’s really not much difference. And, assuming that you book in advance, the price is pretty competitive too – and there’s no need to pay rip-off luggage fees – the Eurostar ticket includes two suitcases and hand luggage! Not a bad deal at all!

What to in Amsterdam when you’ve arrived!

Well now that you know exactly how to get from London to Amsterdam in comfort and without the guilt of environmental damage, you’re probably wondering what to do in Amsterdam! You’re in the right place! We Are Amsterdam is here to ensure that you get to enjoy everything that the city has to offer – and for those who are really serious about keeping their travel as green as possible, our partners at Starboard Boats have a beautiful electric boat so you can sail around the canals without racking up a carbon footprint!