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The Rijksmuseum is, arguably, Amsterdam’s finest museum and one of the best in Europe. Dedicated to the history and arts of The Netherlands and her colonies, the museum contains a fascinating, diverse and extensive range of exhibits, including many pieces by the Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Johannes Vermeer. Additionally, the Rijskmuseum displays some of the most iconic pieces of European and Asian art, all housed in a stunning building which itself is considered an immense work of art, designed by the 19th century renowned Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. Get your Rijksmuseum tickets and enjoy the Dutch national museum today!

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Explore the history of The Netherlands through the medium of world-famous art

The vision of the Rijksmuseum is to link individuals throughout history with art, bringing the stories of cultural icons alive through the medium of art. Whether you have a real fascination of art or simply a passing interest, the Rijksmuseum is an absolute must-do. The Rijksmuseum’s representative overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards provides a great overview of the cultural and historic milestones of this unique country and its fascinating history. As you follow the museum’s circuit, you are taken on a journey through 800 years of Dutch history and culture which allows you to greater appreciate the city! The Rijksmuseum offers much more than the classic landscape paintings which can be seen in other museums around the country, and exhibits a diverse and varied collection including some truly unique pieces from Asia in the context of the Netherlands’ complex colonial past.

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The Rijksmuseum’s present home on the city’s Museumplein (Museum Square) was designed by renowned Dutch architect P.J.H. Cuypers – construction of the monumental building began in 1876 and it finally opened in 1885 as the largest museum in the Netherlands! Beyond the stunning and iconic art, and fascinating artefacts housed in an architecturally incredible building, 2013 saw the Rijksmuseum’s garden freshly landscaped, making it an ideal spot to sit and relax amidst magnificent surroundings – you can take a stroll to browse its sculptures and greenery for free (open every day from 09:00-18:00). As well as its permanent features, the garden hosts temporary exhibitions of sculptural greats.

Generally speaking, the Rijksmuseum and its beautiful gardens are a great place to soak up the culture and history of this iconic city, and a great place to get to understand the incredible impact that this tiny country (and in particular the city of Amsterdam) has had on the world. And if you find exploring 800 years of history, culture and art to build up your appetite or thirst, the Rijksmuseum has an excellent café bar and restaurant. ‘Rijks’ has been awarded a Michelin Star and offers one of the city’s most innovative and delicious menus.

Book your tickets and explore the national treasures of the Netherlands in Amsterdam today! Additionally, the museum is perfectly located in ‘Museumplein’, which also houses the Van Gogh Museum, the Moco Museum and the Stedelijk Museum – four fantastic museums showcasing a huge amount of fantastic art, all within a stone’s throw of one another!


per person

User Rating 2.67 (3 reviews)

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