Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Artis Zoo Amsterdam is one of the best attractions and will provide a huge amount of enjoyment for everyone from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent! This ‘oasis in the city’ has a huge diversity of exotic plants and animals to see. The Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam is the one of the world’s oldest and finest zoos and one of most popular tourist attractions in the city. The Artis Zoo was founded in 1838 and is a unique zoo which includes other exhibits such as an aquarium, a planetarium, a zoological museum and the world’s only microscopic life exhibit (Micropia charges a separate, additional fee).

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Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo


The Amsterdam Royal Zoo is mostly known as ARTIS, which is part of the museum’s official name in Latin, Natura Artis Magistra. Our Zoo is located  in the east of the city, near the botanical gardens, the Dutch Resistance Museum and the Tropenmuseum. You can find more than 700 different animal species and over 200 tree and plant types! Enjoy a day in the company of giraffes, orangutans, elephants, crocodiles and learn more about these wonderful creatures. An impressive butterfly pavilion and Insectarium is climate-controlled to replicate natural environment of these amazing species. For those interested in stars, galaxies and space, the zoo’s huge planetarium is sure to provide you with an out of this world experience where you’ll be taken on an exciting journey into outer space! So is Amsterdam zoo worth the price? Absolutely! Don’t wait , and book an Artis Zoo ticket with us now to have unforgettable experience!!

Artis Zoo Tickets

If you book Artis zoo ticket you can enjoy a fascinating aquarium with all sorts of exotic marine life and an exhibit where you can learn more about the city’s long history with water and canals! Get ready for a great day trip during your holidays in Amsterdam. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon away from the hustle of the lively city center. Stroll through the magnificent gardens under the shade of the trees and be amazed by a world full of exotic flora and fauna. Make your reservations for the Amsterdam Artis Zoo with us and see the wild side of Amsterdam!

From €20 

per person

User Rating 4.5 (6 reviews)

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