Got a stag do planned for 2020? Here are the best stag do activities in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is the perfect place to head to with all your mates and celebrate your last days of freedom before getting married and has gained a justified reputation as a top stag do destination. With world-class nightlife, shed loads of brilliant group activities and an infamously naughty side to the city, Amsterdam is hard to beat when it comes to a lads’ trip.

Here are our selection of the best stag do activities in Amsterdam! There’s something for everyone, from the younger brother to the bride’s grandfather! We Are Amsterdam is here to let you know the best stag do Amsterdam activities – whether you’re wanting a messy weekend of booze cruises, bar crawls and strip clubs or looking to enjoy the more sophisticated and luxuriously high-end side to this cultural capital, we’ve got you covered!

Amsterdam Booze Cruise 

An Amsterdam Booze Cruise is the perfect way to sit back and see the best of this beautiful city whilst enjoying the added benefit of unlimited beer and wine! This is a fantastic activity which can be fully customised to the needs or desires of your group! Whether you’re wanting to upgrade to the #1 pizza Cruise Amsterdam has to offer, premium drinks (why not throw in some whisky and cigars to really give the trip a luxury edge like we did on our Amsterdam barber boat – video here!) or enjoy added entertainment from one of the city’s sexiest strippers in the best Amsterdam strip club, everything is possible! In the warmer months, you can even enjoy a BBQ Booze Cruise, where (in addition to the usual unlimited beer and wine) you can have a floating BBQ – a chef will take care of the grilling, allowing you to tuck into delicious BBQ food and wash it down with plenty of booze! This is defenitely the number one Party boat amsterdam has to offer and is really the best way to spend a couple of hours, turning one of our luxury boats into a portable bar, and seeing the city through beer goggles! In case you are looking for a more classy sailing we suggest booking the best private boat tour amsterdam has to offer!

Beer Bike Amsterdam

If pedal power is more your style, check out the Beer Bike – Amsterdam’s ultimate mode of booze-fuelled transport! The city is known as the cycling capital of the world, and the beer bike is a great twist on this – a designated driver will steer you through the city streets whilst you chug away on plenty of great Dutch beer! On the beer bike Amsterdam looks even more beautiful somehow, and this is the perfect way to see the city sights whilst getting a bit tipsy – where else can you drink and drive (well, pedal) safely and legally!?

Amsterdam Pub Crawl

Pub Crawls are a great way to explore the city’s nightlife – touring the city’s best bars, pubs and clubs, enjoying plenty of booze and meeting new people! Whether you’re joining as part of a big group of fellow travellers, or you’ve chosen to book a private pub crawl where it’s just your mates and a great, local guide showing you the best spots around, a Pub Crawl is the perfect nightlife activity for a stag do. If you really want to take things up a gear and treat yourselves, We Are Amsterdam can organise a fantastic crawl of luxury rooftop bars where you can indulge in fine wines, creative cocktails or ice cold champagne with views over one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

car smash

Car Smash Amsterdam 

Now this is something a little bit more unusual… Car Smash is a brilliant activity where you get into the necessary gear and are presented with a huge range of weapons from metal bars to giant sledgehammers and everything in between and smash a car to pieces. Car Smash Amsterdam is the perfect excuse to let off some steam and it’s a perfect activity for a group of guys!

Limousine Amsterdam

Amsterdam Limo 

Bundling all your mates into a hummer limo with a bouncing sound system and fully-stocked bar to cruise along the city’s canal-lined streets is a pretty perfect way to spend an hour or two sightseeing – it’s certainly better than a hop-on hop-off tourist bus! If you want to show your groom-to-be around the city in style and toast his future whilst listening to all your favourite tunes blaring out, look no further than our Amsterdam Limo service! Whether you’re wanting to be picked up from the airport in style (a much better way to kick off the trip than a shuttle bus!) or be shown the city sights with a glass of bubbly in hand, it’s difficult to beat!

Why Amsterdam is the best stag do destination in Europe!

Amsterdam has really gained a reputation and secured its spot as one of the greatest stag do destinations in Europe. There’s far more to the city than its Red Light District and a trip to the Dutch capital is guaranteed to never have a dull moment. It’s a pretty classic spot for the last days of freedom and if you’ve never been lucky enough to enjoy a ‘Stag in The Dam’ then we don’t know what you’re waiting for! Contact us now for a fully customisable Amsterdam Stag do, packed with activities and laughs – we’ll be waiting for you!