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The Dutch may be known for their love of bicycles but, perhaps, the best way to see their beautiful capital city is to get a little more power behind those two wheels! To rent a scooter in Amsterdam is an easy way to enjoy this beautiful city. Cruising through Amsterdam with the wind in your hair is a great way to explore the city and our modern, safe and comfortable double-seat scooters will provide the perfect scooter tour! Imagine no traffic jams, no parking charges…You can move around quickly and easily, exploring the many interesting sites that are worth seeing in our beautiful city and everything on your own pace!

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Hire scooters in Amsterdam

Did you decide to hire a scooter?
Let us handle the paperwork, insurance and boring stuff, leaving you and your friends free to kick back and enjoy thescooter tour! Do you want to explore the historic city of Amsterdam easily? Then contact us for a great deal and a smooth ride! We are located in the centre so you can easily start your scooter tour right in the heart of Amsterdam! So take your friends or family and come to discover many unique venues of this marvelous city. Let’s hop  on the scooter, start incredible Amsterdam adventure and enjoy a wind in your hair. Wanna be eco-friendly? Book an electric Tuk Tuk.

Where is the best place to rent a scooter?

Where can you rent a scooter in Amsterdam? Scroll down and check out! We offer scooter rental from 1- 7 days. If you would like to rent the scooter for more than 7 days, please contact us and we will provide a custom price for you. Reserve one of our scooters today and discover the amazing sights of Amsterdam! Don’t forget to bring your valid passport and valid driving licence. We are waiting for you.

A scooter is too fast for you? Rent a bike !

User Rating 3.73 (37 reviews)

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