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Amsterdam is a stunning city and it is a pleasure walking around, enjoying the view and taking beautiful pictures on the city’s famous bridges. There is something special in truly knowing a city, learning to navigate the city, understanding where everything is located and also get to know what we actually see. Join our experienced guides exploring the city that everyone loves and get to know the most beautiful corners of Amsterdam

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Welcome to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and its largest city. It is a very convenient city for getting around, as its center is quite small and most of the interesting attractions are a short walk from each other or a short tram ride away. The beautiful canals, the ancient streets full of history, the special squares, the young and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city and the fascinating contrasts between old and new – makes Amsterdam one of the most coveted destinations in the Netherlands and one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Amsterdam abounds in vibrant entertainment venues, restaurants, colorful markets, museums, shopping and more …
The most popular attraction is getting a private or public boat tour in the city’s famous canals, this is a great way to soak up some history and urban scenery. For more information about canal cruises . Press Here