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Instead of running around between trains and buses or getting involved with dubious taxi drivers, we have put together for you the selection of the most reliable and fast transport options. Whether you book a private pick-up from the airport straight to your hotel or apartment / rent our luxurious limousine services / rent a scooter for easy mobility in the city or rent a bicycle, we guarantee you will enjoy a smooth start to your trip in Amsterdam.
We will make sure you start your trip in the most comfortable way possible.

Taxi Amsterdam Airport

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Transportation in Amsterdam

It is important to note when boarding a taxi in Amsterdam that it is a regulated and registered taxi. Sometimes at Schiphol Airport you will be approached by unofficial drivers, please refrain from traveling with them. How do you know? The blue license plate must be blue (as in the pictures). Taxis in Amsterdam are not cheap, even when getting around the city. Please note that Amsterdam is a very small city and its public transport is convenient and accessible. We recommend using the Uber app or similar apps, as the prices are significantly cheaper. On our blog you can find useful information about going around town and exploring the countryside as well.

From Schiphol and within the city, why choose us?

As an experienced tour company in Amsterdam we know how important it is for the shuttle service to be reliable, flexible and available. Therefore, we are always available by phone and WhatsApp, both during the day and at night just in case. We always arrive on time, and are flexible in case of changes (of course by prior arrangement). Beyond that, we provide a significantly cheaper price from taxis caught in the field since we work with a regular supplier and get a preferential price. Beyond that, quality is our business card so we only work with licensed, insured and professional taxis.