Is Amsterdam expensive?

Like most European capitals, Amsterdam isn’t cheap. Compared to cities like Paris and London, however, the city is a surprisingly good deal and given its reputation as a sought-after travel destination, Amsterdam offers pretty good value for money. 

It’s difficult to answer this question objectively because everybody has a different budget and costs. If you’re planning on partying hard, eating out at the city’s finest restaurants and staying in a top hotel, it isn’t going to be cheap. For those who prefer to stay in hostels, eat at local joints and save their money for a few drinks, Amsterdam can be done on a pretty decent budget. 

How much is a joint in Amsterdam?

A pre-rolled joint can cost anywhere from 3 to 10 euros (depending on the strain and the coffee shop etc). If you can roll yourself, this is a much more budget-friendly way to buy weed and you will have a larger selection of choice. A rule of thumb is that the further out from the centre (or touristy parts such as the Red Light District) the cheaper the weed. 

How much is a pint in Amsterdam?

“How much is a beer in Amsterdam” is a question that we see a lot – and for good reason! Dutch beer is fantastic! The Dutch don’t drink pints so if you’re in a bar where they serve them it’s pretty likely that it’s a bar catering more for tourists. As such, prices are often pretty high. Whilst a vaasje (roughly equivalent to half a pint) is normally between 2.50 and 3 euros, a pint of beer can cost well over double that. It’s better to go Dutch and order a vaasje – although they may seem small to British drinkers, they do offer better value. The cheapest drinks are always the house beers – usually Heineken or Amstel – so if you’re drinking on a budget but still want to enjoy some great local beers, these are your best bet.

How much is food in Amsterdam?

Again, this depends on what you’re eating. Amsterdam is quite unusual in the way that eating out is often cheapest in the centre – in Leidseplein, for example, you can get a pizza/pasta for 5 euros in many restaurants or a steak and chips for 12.50. Although the prices are competitive, the quality isn’t always fantastic. For better quality, check out more local haunts outside the city centre – you can get a pretty good 3 course meal for about 25 euros. On the surface, Dutch people have little trouble with exceeding their etiquettes. However, there are certainly some things to keep in mind. You can read more about this in this article about Dutch etiquettes.

For a really delicious, but budget-friendly meal, try Roti – this tasty Surinamese food is a popular meal across the city and well worth a try if you fancy something a bit more unusual. If you get a bit hungry and fancy something quick and cheap, but typically Amsterdam, you can’t beat Febo – this unusual but popular chain of fast food restaurants are where you can buy hot food out of vending machines. It sounds a bit odd but when the munchies strike, it’s always the perfect place to fill a hole for less than 3 euros! curious about the real Dutch kitchen? Check out our article about the top 5 must-visit restaurants with Dutch cuisine.

On the surface, Dutch people have little trouble with exceeding their etiquettes. However, there are certainly some things to keep in mind. You can read more about this in this article about Dutch etiquettes.

How much is a hotel in Amsterdam?

Hotels in Amsterdam are likely to swallow up the biggest chunk of your total spending. Due to the size of the city and its popularity, hotels are often booked up well in advance and a drop in availability will see prices rise significantly. If you can, book well in advance, and use websites like to compare the best prices. 

Is Amsterdam expensive?

Hostels can also offer great value and there are a wide variety in Amsterdam – these places are the perfect places to meet fellow travellers. Although the hotels in Amsterdam aren’t cheap, you can normally find one to suit every budget by looking a little further out of the centre or considering a room or bed in a hostel.

Although like anywhere else in the world the cost of visiting a city will depend on your individual requirements and tastes, Amsterdam’s reputation for being an expensive city doesn’t mean it has to break your budget. Research daily drinks deals online and always ask if there are discounts offered for students, OAPs or families if these are applicable to you or your group. After all, the best things in life are free, and walking through the streets of Amsterdam, enjoying the historic sights and chilled out vibes of our beautiful city is something that you cannot put a price on! Is Amsterdam worth the money? Absolutely.

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