Amsterdam Sex Show

Casa Rosso is definitely the most famous (or should that be infamous?) Amsterdam sex show, and is situated in the beating heart of the notorious Red-Light district. This professional erotic theatre is entertaining for all, with a wide variety of sex shows throughout the night consisting of strip tease acts (both male and female), soft S&M shows and the exhibition of a wide variety of party tricks throughout!

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Live Sex Show Amsterdam

These acts, which usually consist of male and female performers undertaking a well-choreographed show, enjoying a variety of impressively acrobatic acts with one another, with single performer acts happening in between.  Casa Rosso in Amsterdam is sure to entertain you and your friends each and every evening!

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Visit incredible Casa Rosso in Amsterdam

Come to visit the most famous sex show in Amsterdam’s Red-Light district! The club can be found easily due to the large pink elephant adorning the front of the building. The oldest live sex theatre in Amsterdam, the Red-Light District’s premier sex show venue is larger than many others, with an impressive capacity of 180 seats! Casa Rosso is air conditioned for those sweltering summer months, although the performers certainly aren’t wearing enough to benefit from a cool breeze. The venue’s large size means that getting in is usually not a problem for large groups such as bachelor or bachelorette parties. A large bar is on hand to provide a selection of drinks (two of which are included in the price of the ticket) – after all, the performer shouldn’t be the only one to get a couple of stiff ones inside her during the performance!

Get your Sex Show Amsterdam tickets!

 Get your Amsterdam sex show tickets for an incredible price with We Are Amsterdam! The entrance to Casa Rosso does not come cheap, but neither is it so prohibitively expensive as to make it impossible to visit. The €52 ticket may be a hit to your wallet but includes the entrance and two drinks and is certainly worth the truly unique experience. There are no additional costs (unless you would like to enjoy more than two drinks). And best of all, you can stay as long as you wish and enjoy the best of what is on offer! Get your tickets here for an incredible experience and enjoy sightseeing of a somewhat different nature, in the heart of the Red-Light District! If you want to have even more naughty fun, be sure to also check out Amsterdam’s famous Banana Bar to find out more about a slightly different Amsterdam ‘sexperience’.


per person

User Rating 4.02 (62 reviews)

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