Productions and Events

Thanks to the many years of experience and marketing insight, We Are Amsterdam has made countless connections and ties allowing to take on any production efficiently and qualitatively.

We believe that a combination of dedication and creativity drives us to deliver high level productions. Our young and motivated staff is delighted to cater all of your needs; whether you need a luxurious fleet of transport vehicles, make-up trailers and production busses, or suitable shooting locations, we always aim to exceed your expectations.

Being well acquainted with the city of Amsterdam and the municipal regulations, We Are Amsterdam excels in finding the best and uniquest production locations, as well as managing the required approvals to alleviate any of your concerns. 

Having hosted numerous large scale productions, We Are Amsterdam always thrives to include creative and diligent propositions. For example, when producing a TV advertisement for FOX, a leading fashion retailer in Israel, luxurious boats were used as floating dressing and make-up rooms as a creative solution to the space limitations at the Amsterdam historic canals. The whole production itself lasted 4 full days and included was shot at numerous unique and idyllic locations, such as historic Amsterdam Canals, the Amsterdamse Bos and the well-known amusement park “Efteling”.

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