VR Arcade Amsterdam

The future has arrived in Amsterdam! Virtual reality (or VR for short) is a simulated experience where one can completely detach from the real world and a fantastic thing to do in Amsterdam if you’re looking for a totally new experience!

VR Amsterdam Noord

The best VR arcade Amsterdam has is situated just over the river Ij in Noord. There are loads of things to do in Amsterdam Noord so it’s definitely not a wasted trip and the ferry across is completely free of charge!The new Amsterdam VR arcade is well worth checking out – you step beyond the realms of reality with your mates, and get a unique opportunity to try out this brand-new style of futuristic gaming! Just pop on the glasses (you’ll also be armed with a backpack and a gun) and be set loose in a 200m2 arcade!

If your familiar with nazi-zombies, a famous game mode on the one of the most well know PlayStation games: Call of Duty, you will love this! This incredibly entertaining experience allows you all to battle zombies together and it’s more lifelike than you could ever imagine – you won’t believe your eyes!

Visit the VR Room Amsterdam

If you’re wanting to try out VR in Amsterdam, you can visit this spot in Noord. Getting there is very simple and just a short trip on the ferry from Amsterdam Centraal. The address is Asterweg 19E1 and the VR Arcade is open every day. When you’re fighting VR Zombies Amsterdam might feel a long way away but it really is just a short ferry ride! The ferries set sail very regularly and, best of all, are completely free of charge! GVB (the same company that runs the trams and metros throughout the city) operate these busy boats and you can join Amsterdammers on their somewhat unusual commute home without spending a penny! Think of it as a free boat ride if nothing else!

Visiting the Amsterdam VR Arcade is a great thing to do whilst visiting Amsterdam and whether you’re just a pair of gaming geeks or a group on a stag/hen do looking for a unique and brilliant Amsterdam activity, it’s definitely worth checking out! For more Stag Do ideas, click here!