WONDR Amsterdam

WONDR Amsterdam is a place unlike any you have ever seen before. This immersive experience has been put together by some of Amsterdam’s most creative (and, arguably, craziest) minds. The experience seeks to blend visual magic with creativity, art and pure joy. Whether you’re a pensioner or a young child, this experience cannot fail to delight as you are invited to play and explore in a world of indescribable colour and awe-inducing wonder.

The newest Amsterdam Museum, WONDR, is unlike any other gallery or museum in the world, so can be a little complicated to describe. WONDR Amsterdam is best described as a sort of fantasy world where you will feel very much like you’re in the middle of a rather odd dream and, as you explore this world of endless creativity and colour, your inner child is sure to be released by the sheer wonderment.

Whether you’re dancing under a glistening starlit sky, diving into an ocean of candy-pink marshmallows or frolicking in a giant ball pit, this enchanting jungle of joy is certainly an incredible experience. 

WONDR Amsterdam aims to inspire through the art of play but is a great place to visit whether you’re an excitable kid or the grumpiest of grandparents. Engage all your senses in this dreamworld and, with WONDR experience Amsterdam in a totally different way.

Capture your Amsterdam WONDR Experience

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For Instagrammers, WONDR Amsterdam is the perfect place to get some incredible photos. It has quickly become a favourite for everyone from international influencers to hobby photographers and what could be a better reminder of your trip to Amsterdam than some creative snaps of you up to your neck in giant marshmallows?

For photography loving visitors, Amsterdam has a range of incredible spots to capture memories with a picture-perfect snap or two. From photography-friendly Tuk Tuk tours to Amsterdam Light Festival boat cruises, there are plenty of great opportunities for those who want to get creative.

Totally different to any other Museum – Amsterdam WONDR

Wonder Amsterdam

WONDR is described as a ‘hyper-visual realm’ spanning 1200 square metres where fifteen interactive installations will engage every sense and immerse you totally in an experience that is totally out of this world and unlike anywhere else on earth. Completely different to any other Amsterdam Museum, WONDR is a new concept and is the perfect place to spend a few hours on a rainy Dutch day. You can also book special packages for birthdays, hen parties or corporate drinks with a twist (perfect for those in the creative industries to really get those juices flowing over a couple of glasses!).

Where to find WONDR Amsterdam

WONDR Amsterdam is situated across the river Ij in Amsterdam Noord. Getting there is quite easy by public transport. If you’d prefer a quicker metro journey, jump on the Noord-Zuid line, or if you’d prefer to, tie your visit in with a ferry trip (GVB run these for free from Amsterdam Centraal across to the northern shore very regularly) so you can visit something like the Amsterdam Tower on the way.