Red Light Secrets

Red Light Secrets is the world’s first and only museum of prostitution and the place to find out all about the oldest profession on earth. Located in an old brothel, this museum lifts the lid on an industry which has been shrouded in mystery and taboo since its conception back in the days.

This raunchy museum even gives you the opportunity to sit behind one of the famous red-light windows so you can get a feeling of how it really is to be looked at by punters from the street.

It’s quite normal to be curious about the sex work industry, especially in a city like Amsterdam where the, usually out of view, work of prostitutes is so in your face and open. This museum is the place to have all your questions answered and gain a bit more understanding of the city’s unique system of regulated legal prostitution (the secrets of the red lights of Amsterdam will be secrets no more!).

red light secrets

As you walk through the Red Light Secrets museum you will be able to listen to the first-hand accounts of the city’s prostitutes and hear their perspective on this controversial industry. The museum succeeds in informing guests and giving a unique insight into the world’s most taboo trade whilst keeping things light-hearted and entertaining for all. As the name suggests, this is the only place to find out all about the Red Light Secrets of Amsterdam’s most infamous neighbourhood.

History of Prostitution Museum Amsterdam

The museum is the place to find out the history of prostitution in Amsterdam. From its days as a stopping place for sailors after months at sea, to modern policy of toleration and regulation, Amsterdam has long held a reputation as something of a city of sin. The lives of sex workers have long been intertwined with this its volatile history as one of the old world’s major historic port cities. Learning about the historical contexts and hearing the voices of those who have sold themselves against the backdrop of cultural change over the years will give you a surprising insight into this previously hidden world.

Amsterdam Sex Museum Entrance Fee

At 12.50, the Amsterdam sex museum entrance fee is one of the lowest in the city. If you’re looking for a place to have a few giggles whilst learning about the history and contemporary culture of sex work in the Dutch capital, this museum offers great value for money. It’s become something of a must-do and, as far as alternatives to the more traditional choices such as the Van Gogh Museum go, this Red-Light institution is difficult to beat.

Situated in the heart of the city’s Red Light District, and just a stone’s throw away from attractions such as the Royal Palace, Dam Square, and a number of great bars and restaurants, this is the perfect stop as part of a busy day. For more tips on what to see in the area get in touch or to get your Red Light Secrets Tickets, click here!